Shock Up Boxer

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Product Overview

Shock up boxer from Oroblu is among the best selling non-pantyhose shaper out there.  If you wish to fit into your tailored pants, your form fitting dress or pencil skirt, The Oroblu Body Sculpting Boxer will be your best friend!

Shock Up Boxer is the same control top that is featured in Shock Up pantyhose but without having hosiery on the legs. Gives the ultimate control!

Oroblu has successfully produced this style of Boxer lingerie for the purpose of molding one's stomach by applying pressure points onto specific parts of this fabric/lingerie. You will find that this BOXER lingerie is designed to COMPRESS your WAIST, TUMMY, BUTTOCKS/HIPS, and THIGHS and will also CONTROL your entire upper area to PREVENT BULDGES and cover any rolls from the compression.

- Black, Nude
- The original sheer body sculptor!
- Great when you don’t want to wear hosiery
- 25% Elastan/Spandex,75% Polyamid/Nylon.
- Imported from Italy


(No reviews yet) Write a Review