5D Doyeah Sheer to Waist -0198 (New)

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BRAND NEW!!  Our newest style from Doyeah is only 5 Denier.  As soon as you open the package, you'll notice exquisite sheerness, softness and silkiness.  It's mostly from the SIDERIA yarn, which guarantees an extra-thin and superbly transparent legwear. You'll notice an extended panel for the male anatomy.

NOTE:  The 5 Denier makes these very fragile, so please exercise caution when putting these on.  

  • Beige, and black
  • 68% Nylon
  • 32% Sideria
  • Ulthra Thin AND competely sheer to waist
  • Wide (2.5cm) waistband, and invisible reinforced toes
  • Fits approx 5'1" - 6'0"and waist of 32.5" - 46 inches


(No reviews yet) Write a Review