New Pierre 15 Seamless

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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND.  New Pierre 15 Seamless by Pierre Mantoux offers a fit like no other.  As you put on these beautiful luxury legwear,  you'll experience an extremely comfortable second-skin effect since there are absolutely no seams. Offers a visually delightful, aesthetic continuity from toe to waistband.

The yarn is very soft, very elastic and creates a matt and uniform finish.

Please take care  in putting these on since they stop right below the waist.  Perfect for wear with the tightest of dresses or closest-fitting jeans or slacks.  'Pierre 15' adds elegance and comfort to any ensemble.

Soft, sensual, sexy, and aesthetic!

  • Low waist fit
  • Matte Finish
  • Seamless
  • 15 Denier, 79% Nylon and 21% Elastane
  • Imported from Spain.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review