Flou 5- UltraSheer Pantyhose

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Product Overview

Have you always dreamed of having a nice shine to your legs without anyone knowing that you have anything on?  This dream can come true with Flou 5 by Pierre Mantoux, the Ultra-transparent tights with a soft shimmer.  The is the sheerest pantyhose on the market and the closest you will get to the bare legs look while still enjoying the benefits of wearing pantyhose. 

Flou 5 is a very popular style because they are so light and are barely noticeable except for a nice glow of color!!  With their 5 denier appearance and their NICE SHIMMER, they are pure luxury against the skin. The tights have a soft, exclusive feel and smooth stretchy waistband.  The luxury of Pierre Mantoux at very affordable prices.

Designed to make your legs look sleek, smooth and gleamingly sun-kissed, you’ll forget that you have anything on at all.

  • Bronze, Black, Blue
  • Flat Seams and Gusset
  • Transparent from toe to waist
  • 5 denier, 79% Nylon, 21% Lycra
  • Imported from Italy 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review